Profound gratitude to Hillsong, Brian Houston, and all the leadership at Hillsong. You listened to the victims of Mark Driscoll's abuse and chose not to give him a voice and a stage and a platform. We spoke, you listened. Thank you thank you thank you.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Details for folks joining the Driscoll protest at Hillsong Waterloo May 31 AM

Dear friends,

  I'm so excited to meet many of you at the upcoming protest.  Some details:

  1. We're planning to be outside the Hillsong Waterloo church entrance at 188 Young Street Waterloo NSW from 9AM to Noon this Sunday, May 31. The footpath there is double wide, so there should be plenty of room for us to stand and hold signs while still leaving plenty of space for church goers to enter and leave the services.

  2. To be very clear, we are planning to PEACEFULLY protest. There will be no sound systems, megaphones, etc. etc. We're just there to hold signs and gently engage people in conversation IF THEY WISH to be so engaged. We are NOT going to block anyone's way nor the foothpath, we are NOT going to engage in any sort of physical, emotional, or psychological confrontation.

  3. We are there primarily to protest Hillsong's invitation to unrepentant serial spiritual abuser Mark Driscoll to be on the stage at Hillsong Conference. I understand that some people are upset at Hillsong more generally, and I totally get that, and of course you are very welcome to join us, as I think Hillsong kind of invites this sort of thing by insisting on keeping Driscoll in the lineup.

  4. Please bring your own signs. I and at least one other amazing person are planning to bring a few extra signs, but it would be brilliant if you could bring your own signs.  Quotes from Driscoll are great--especially I think with regards his horrific anti-women rhetoric. Please try to keep signs simple and straightforward--many of the folks at Hillsong will likely have never heard of Driscoll. Some signs used at a recent protest near Seattle included "Mark Driscoll--unfit for any pulpit" and "Mark Driscoll--when will the abuse stop?"

  5. There will probably be local media there. Let's try to make sure we're respectful and reasonable.

  6. I'm bringing a bunch of flyers to hand out to people about why we're there, if they are interested. You can download a copy of the flyer here Just click "File" and then "Download As"

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